Product Strategy

Product Strategy During my time as Director of Product Strategy at ParentLink, we developed a new product called Teacher Reach. Teacher Reach is a communication tool for teachers to quickly target the parents of their students with accurate, reliable and trusted information. In return, parents can also communicate directly with teachers; opening the door to […]

Creative Presentations

Creative Presentations One new technology that is useful in specific presentations is that of Prezi. Prezi is free to use, but buying the license has some advantages, including making your presentations private. This is a presentation I put together after only being at GWAVA for 2 months. I had to give it over and over in our […]

International Business

International Business Working at ParentLink I was assigned to manage and direct the affairs of our office in Bangkok, Thailand. For almost a year, I spent time learning everything about international business management. I recently read a book which described the changes in the term “Globalization” over the years. In the 1970’s it meant doing […]

Media Marketing

Media Marketing Media Marketing is a term that continues to evolve. When I graduated from Brigham Young University in 2006 from the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering, School of Technology in Information Technology, I was fascinated with how technology was going to change the face of traditional marketing as we know it. I emphasized […]

Inventory Management

Inventory Management Inventory Management may not sound like a marketing principle, but all facets of business are responsible for reducing costs. Part of my responsibilities as the marketing director for the Clyde Companies is to design and purchase apparel and SWAG for the different companies. Imagine 7 different companies running their own apparel program with […]