Inventory Management

Inventory Management may not sound like a marketing principle, but all facets of business are responsible for reducing costs. Part of my responsibilities as the marketing director for the Clyde Companies is to design and purchase apparel and SWAG for the different companies. Imagine 7 different companies running their own apparel program with no collaboration or processes. Needless to say there were closets and closets full of stuff. One of my first goals was to improve the branding process at Clyde Companies. I convinced the CEO to give me an entire warehouse at the back of our corporate building and went to work:

Clyde Store

  1. Built an online store: Pictured above, I created a fully functional online store for all purposes. Sales people could order apparel for customers, employees could order for themselves, and anyone else who wanted. Actually, you can go there now:
  2. Economies of Scale: Centralizing the purchasing of company collateral helped me squeeze the vendors for better pricing and better service.
  3. Inventory Tracking: All inventory is now tracked and automatically subtracted when an order is entered. Reorders can be automatically approved by corporate presidents.
  4. Reporting: Before the online store, company presidents had no idea what came in or out. Now we deliver reports of who is ordering what and how much.
  5. Safety Program: Our internal corporate safety program is now fully online which came as an unanticipated benefit to the online store.
  6. Reduction of work: We have estimated that it took 3 admins to do what the store does automatically.
  7. A better experience: With inventory now just a click away, salespeople, executives and employees can quickly get access to the information and products they need.

As Steve Job’s said, “Processes make you more efficient.”