Who is David Przybyla?

I never thought I would be someone to run for public office.  A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine said to me, “You know Dave, local politics will have much more of a direct impact on your day-to-day life than the President of the United States.”

It seems like that quote has been a premonition.  Since that time, local politics have had an impressive impact on my family.  I am running for Orem City Council to add a seat of reason, a voice of the people, a chance to unite Orem behind a strong mission and vision. Orem was once known as “Family City- USA”.  Now, when I ask Oremites what “Orem’s Identity” is I get a different answer from everyone.  Honestly, I don’t want this job; but if we don’t stand up for what’s right, then the wrong things will continue to prevail.

I promise more transparency and accountability.  I promise to return my entire stipend to Orem charities.  Remember, Orem, 2 vowels; Przybyla, 1 vowel.  Please vote David G. Przybyla for Orem City Council.

Why are you running for Orem City Council?

I was surprised by how much local decisions can impact my day-to-day life.  I am a professor at UVU and recent events have really opened my eyes to the impact our city council can have.

What are your views about living within a balanced budget vs raising taxes to provide basic services, such as police and fire protection?

Simple, we are not the first city out there to solve these problems. There is a clear answer to population needs vs police needs, and so forth. We go find ones that are doing it well, and right, and we copy it for our needs and situation. You don’t raise taxes just because your crime goes up. Money is not the solution to problems, usually it just causes more. Figuring out how to be more accountable with your money is what we do in business or we go out of business. Same should be said for government.

How should Orem address UVU' s unrestricted growth and the impact it may have on our city and its surrounding neighborhoods, such as illegal apartments, traffic, etc.?

Depends on how Orem feels about it. What I worry most is that we let Orem tum into Provo which is run by a “few” wealthy developers and leaves no room for competition. Provo is run by a type of mafia that makes it difficult for others to play in the real estate market. That being said, Orem residents need to start caring about UVU and growth or we will not be the city we enjoy living in. The biggest issue I have with Orem, is allowing massive development without requiring the1city (traffic) infrastructure to go with it. The surrounding streets ofUVU (residential streets) were not designed for nearly the traffic they have now, and that is going to increase significantly. It seems like the way to deal with it is to give tax breaks to business and tax the citizens more to deal with it. While traffic affects a small radius around UVU today, it is a citywide problem; and should be on everyone’s mind.

How would you address affordable housing and homelessness in Orem?

The free market sets the pricing of housing. I teach at UVU and I also know my students (their generation) won’t rent older places. They’ll pay a premium to be in new builds. They are making the choice (poorly) to pay the higher rents. It’s a choice that will have lasting debt implications far into the future. However, you cannot blame them, we raise them this way. “To want the best for them.” This will be a problem for a while.

I also want to say, I am in favor of basement apartments IF, AND ONLY IF, the home owner lives in the dwelling as well. Some of you may be unhappy with this statement, but understand this: Today’s family (especially one with kids) cannot live on 1 salary alone. There needs be other income. If a basement apartment allows one of the parents to be in the home, I am all for it! Our biggest challenge it that we have less time to spend with our children. If that income can come from someone living in a section of home you don’t. I am okay with it.

I AM NOT okay with 2 renters in a home, without the homeowner in it. I do not have a renter in my home, but I support those who do and live in their home. I believe this is fair to the homeowner, it helps keep parents’ home, and keeps a fairness check on big developers.

What do you believe are Orem's issues and priorities?

I believe Orem’s issues/opportunities are: 

  1. Great location for expanded growth along the Wasatch Front, but land locked. 
  2. Continue to be a great place for families with a changing demographic
  3. Maintain an economically vibrant city while trying to keep a family-friendly feel.

What qualifications or experience do you have that would make you a good candidate?

My background as an entrepreneur, PIO (public information officer) for one of the largest construction firms in Utah (Clyde Co’s) and my educational background.

What is Orem's identity? What is your vision for Orem? What would you like to change or preserve?

Orem is starting to feel like a middle-child. I don’t think we want to be like Provo, but AF, PG and Lehi are getting all the attention. We need to decide what matters to us and what we want to fight for. I believe our geographic differences (North vs South Orem) make it difficult for everyone to agree on a strategy. I’d like to make sure decisions that affect those in the closest proximity of the change are heard and valued louder than those who are not.

How will you make yourself accessible to Orem citizens?

I am big on transparency. That is my campaign message. We need to be more transparent and accountable at all levels of government. We have to prove what we do is working or stop doing it. We have to share results of wins
(and failures) with–the people. I like that Orem sends out surveys but why not open the results to the general public? Why not share more about what is happening? If there is a decision that I have to make that impacts a section of Orem more than another, I want to know how the citizens of that area feel and will value their opinions more than those citizens not of that area.

What concerns, if any, do you have about Orem's rapid growth and how would you deal with it?

If Orem is growing rapidly it is because we have done a great job of making it a great place to live. You can’t have a great place to live and nobody wants to live there. We need to do a better job developing a master plan for growth, not changing the zoning anytime we need/want to just to throw up housing everywhere. I’m sorry but muti-family housing is going up all over the place and not in a strategic manner.

What else would you like voters to know about you?

  1. I am accepting no campaign donations. I do not want to be bought by one party or another. I want a clear conscience to make my decisions.
  2. I will donate my entire City Council income to Orem Charities
  3. Remember, Orem has 2 vowels, and Przybyla, 1 vowel.