Love is the Killer App


This review is very different. In this review, I simply invite you to become apart of a club with the focus of building the skills and opportunities as discussed in this book! Come, I personally invite you to become a LoveCat!

Scoring Criteria [5 star]
[slide1]Readability – Can you get through it, is it broken up for fast skimming, quick access to key points?[/slide1]
[slide2]Millennial (M.Factor) – Is the information trendy or can I pick this book up in 10 years and still get something from it?[/slide2]
[slide3]Notability (N.Factor) – Does the book have strong quotes, or good points to focus discussions around? [/slide3]
[slide4]Organic (O.Factor) – How much of the content seems original vs regurgitated trendy talk? [/slide4]
[slide5]Recommendation – Overall rating [/slide5]


Title: Love is the Killer App: How to win business….
Author: Tim Sanders c.2002
Amazon Price: ~$4.00
Readability: 5
M.Factor: 5
N.Factor: 4
O.Factor: 4
Recommendation: 5

David Przybyla


[quote_right author=”Tim Sanders”]As one of my mentors, bizguru Tom Peters, says, “Be distinct or be extinct.”[/quote_right][Excerpt from Love is the Killer App]
In the new economy, because you are valued and rewarded for you knowledge and your network rather than your seniority or your pedigree, everything can seem upside down if you’ve come up the traditional route. But, a successful brand will always give you powerful leverage. That goes for products, companies and people… build a brand so that people will trust you, pursue you. If you don’t build a brand, you risk being commoditized-in other words, you risk becoming a human switch, someone who performs a function that has yet to be automated, but probably will in some future date. [END Excerpt]

  • Build a network faster and larger for your personal brand
  • Connect with thought leaders
  • Improve your social media communication skills
  • Become a LoveCat

To put into action the principles taught in Love is the Killer App. The simple process includes:

  • Obtain more knowledge, then share that knowledge
  • Grow your network, then share that network
  • Lean to love, then share your love


  • You build an outstanding brand as a person
  • You create an experience
  • You have access to people’s attention
  • You harness the power of positive presumption
  • You receive exceptional feedback
  • You gain personal satisfaction


  1. Study the principles of becoming a LoveCat
  2. Become an active social media communicator / thought leader
  3. Comment on blogs, retweet, join, and expand the network of those in the Social Club
  4. Continue to be active supporting the Social Club by committing to (at least) one hour a week, continuing to do #3, and continually promoting the brand and recognition of others.

Begin by being a LoveCat. Demonstrate your desire to be supported by supporting those who are already a part of the network. Do the things listed in the requirements section and naturally grow yourself into the network. Watch the results of being a LoveCat happen organically. Upon demonstrating your desire, we’ll add you to the club.

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