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The Illusive Marketing Engine

January 30, 2015Leave a reply
Marketing Engine

art by Jared Campbell

The Illusive Marketing Engine

Marketing receives little respect because all too often it is seen as a money pit. Money goes in, and nobody knows what comes out. Marketing is quickly dismissed as an after-thought. This hurts. Marketing is a strategic play by design and deserves to be in the business development discussion. So why isn’t it?

Topic: #1 Reason why marketing is not at the C-table
Audience: Marketing Profs, CMO, CEO


Millenial Leadership

December 24, 2014Leave a reply

LeadershipWho Are Millennials?

While no precise date is set, millennials are considered to be born between 1982 and 2005. Rather than age, it’s the trending behavior which identifies the group. Millennials have developed work characteristics and tendencies from doting parents, structured lives, and contact with diverse people. They have been pampered and have grown up in the wealthiest generation to date. (more…)

2014 Festival of Trees

December 8, 20141 Comment

Festival of Trees

Festival of Trees 2014

My wife calls it, “My favorite day of the entire year.” The Festival of Trees is a charity event to benefit Primary Children’s Hospital. Every penny (100%) of the money raised at the event goes to the hospital.

Apple Product Release(s) & Our Habitual Behaviors

November 10, 20142 Comments

Throne of Goodness

A Study of Habits

Dwelling on some introspection a while back, I realized one of my most common behaviors has slightly changed over the years, and I became determined to discover why. Over the course of several weeks, I utilized empirical research methodologies to arrive at certain conclusions that shed some light on the subtlety of these changes. Part of the study was a review of my own habits, a survey of hundreds of people, and some common sense. I dare anyone to disprove it.

10 Skills of a Programmer

March 13, 2014Leave a reply

My father is serving an eighteen month mission to the people of Malaysia. He recently sent me this email:

In our career workshop class the students have the assignment of getting the skills from someone who knows of the job they are seeking.  We have one student who wants to be a programmer.  We do not know an expert in the field, so we are asking you to send us a list of 10 skills that you would require of a future programmer employee?

Here is my reply:

On Losing and Being a Loser

January 17, 2014Leave a reply

The Difference between losing and being a loser

The other day my six-year-old daughter and I engaged in a game of indoor soccer in our basement. It was competitive and fun, and ultimately I came out the victor 5-4. When we finished, she stated, “we both won.” David PrzybylaI told her, “no” that I won and she lost. She was insistent that we both won. I explained to her that indeed I won and she lost. I then proceeded to explain to her the importance of losing and the difference between losing and being a loser.

The Other Side of Business FaceBook

April 10, 20122 Comments

David PrzybylaThe Other Side of Business Facebook

Sharply contested and debated is the concern over organizations asking for Facebook passwords during job interviews. If you haven’t read about this, you’re probably not in the business world. If so, you can read about it here:


Communicating with a 2-year-old – 5 Universal Lessons Everyone Should Follow

April 5, 20121 Comment

Lesson 5: Don’t Ever Think You Can Outsmart Someone

David PrzybylaNo matter how smart you believe you are, it is truly a humbling experience when you are out-smarted by a two-year-old. Not more than a month ago, in an attempt to get my daughter to the dinner table I humbly realized the need to ask the right question. My daughter was caught up in the moment of very important play/work.


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