Blueprint for Reload

Occasionally I write content for my company as a product marketing manager. I think, posting some of that content here will help share my portfolio and add visibility for the organization.

Using blueprints to build a home didn’t start until the turn of the 20th century – they were actually first used for building large sailing ships in the mid 1800’s. Since that time, preparing blueprints have become the standard for building millions of homes, buildings and structures. Blueprints have three main purposes – Design, Road Map, and Details. Blueprint for Reload from GWAVA is no different.


Could you imagine making decisions without a design? How long to cut a board, where to put a wall? It could turn out pretty disastrous. Blueprint for Reload will help your business make many informed decisions. Blueprint for Reload gathers up the business information of your GroupWise system and lays it out in a format that empowers you to make correct decisions building the most efficient GroupWise system.

For example, the weekly executive overview report enables businesses to know, from a high overview – to an individual user, exactly what is going on in the GroupWise system. A key benefit of the report is the ability to identify quickly mailboxes that are inactive and still live on the system. These inactive mailboxes cost your organization money, with BluePrint you can quickly identify and react to the information.

Road Map

A blueprint gives you guidance from beginning to end and all the details in between. With the increasing need organizations have to archive and retain data for compliance and legal issues the challenge is knowing how much, what and when to archive. Blueprint for Reload is your road map to efficient, successful archiving. Because you already have a GWAVA product, Retain from GWAVA can integrate quickly and help with archiving.

And everything in between? Blueprint from Reload allows you to see mailbox information for every user on the GroupWise system. Not only can you see the information, but with a push of a button you can email the user to remind them to archive, clean up data, etc. Blueprint for Reload will help IT administrators become proactive protectors of the GroupWise mail system.


Content is king! We’ve heard that so often these days, and today’s Internet usage proves it – with over 7 TB of data being produced daily. Blueprint for Reload is no different. Not only does Blueprint for Reload deliver enormous amounts of data, it also delivers it in a format that is comprehensible, manipulatable, and informative. Reports delivered by Blueprint for Reload can be delivered in HTML, CSV, ZOHO, Google Doc, and most importantly – on the go – to your mobile device (iPhones, iPads, Android devices).

With Blueprint for Reload it’s all in the details! Quit trying to build a solid foundation without a Blueprint. Come learn more about how Blueprint for Reload can benefit your business.

By David Przybyla

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