2014 Festival of Trees

My wife calls it, “My favorite day of the entire year.” The Festival of Trees is a charity event to benefit Primary Children’s Hospital. Every penny (100%) of the money raised at the event goes to the hospital.

In 2007 our daughter was born 2 weeks late and had Meconium Aspiration. There were other complications that went unnoticed the last 2 weeks of pregnancy as she was born only weighing 6 lbs. Due to the complication, Savannah did not breath for 8 minutes after birth, causing her lungs to completely collapse, heart to fail and other issues. The only hospital that could help was a helicopter ride away, Primary Children’s. Due to the doctors, technology and resources of Primary Children’s, our daughter, who was supposed to have 80% brain damage, came out in perfect health. A little small for her age, she is as outgoing as anyone. Primary Children’s Hospital helped deliver our miracle baby back home. The costs incurred were no small penny, but with insurance, we didn’t have to pay too much of it.

However, my wife and I are so grateful for the service provided by Primary Children’s Hospital, that we wanted to find a way to give back. It was about 5 years ago, we learned about the Festival of Tree’s and we’ve been hooked ever since. For the first three years, we found beautiful trees with lots of presents that we could buy and then we would donate the gifts to families in need. Not only is Primary Children’s enjoying the donation, but families get to have a little more joy during the holidays. What better way to give back?

Last year, my wife suggested that we decorate/donate a tree in honor of Savannah. With the overwhelming support of our family, we put together a tree filled with gifts for all ages. It was so much fun to do, we have decided to make it a tradition. This year we titled our tree, “The Giving Tree” (pictured below).

In addition to donating a tree, we also purchased several trees to share and donate to families.

It is with sincere gratitude we thank Primary Children’s for their ability to help save lives.

Our Savannah is a wonderful child and great older sister to her 2 brothers and sister. We hope to donate enough to repay her entire bill, one tree at a time.

Learn more about the Festival of Trees: http://www.festivaloftreesutah.org/History

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